The DOWN IN CRUZ history

It all startet in 2009, when singer and guitarist Andi walked down State Street in Santa Barbara / South California.

While he was waiting at a traffic light, suddenly an old man with long, white hair and sandals on his feet came to him and pointed on Andis black "Santa Cruz" t-shirt he bought some days before in.. well.. Santa Cruz.

"There are really good men, down in Cruz"

That's more or less all the old guy said, but these words were the very beginning of a decade of rock'n'roll.

Back home in Hamburg, Andi immediately startet writing new songs for a new - but yet not existing - rockband, that should somehow combine this typical california feeling with straight rock'n'roll music. Maybe a little bit like SOCIAL DISTORTION..?

His current band, "Shanghai Rodeo" broke up due to too much violence and drug-based struggle, so the timing was perfect. Besides, Andi thrashed around with Ex-SODOM drummer Atomic Steif in STAHLTRĂ„GER in the early 2000s and rocked stages all over Germany.

"Turn Back", the opener of the 2010 EP FORTUNE FAVORS FOOLS, was the first song that was explicitly written for DOWN IN CRUZ and is still part of every live concert.
With Kris Noise on bassguitar and Tim Schwarz on drums, the band was complete and played the first gigs. Soon, the band supportet well-known artists like JAYA THE CAT, CYANIDE PILLS or NONSTOP STEREO.

After some years of rocking and rolling, Andi decided to leave DOWN IN CRUZ and Hamburg and moved to Berlin in 2012.

He self-recorded a folk/country EP with acoustic versions of some DOWN IN CRUZ songs and was quickly signed by the Berlin based recordlabel 12-inch records as ANDY CRUZ. The EP "California Tapes" was released in 2013 and the single "Letdown Remedy"  stormed the top10 of the American Independent  Music Network- charts.

Rock'n'Roll can never die, so it was just a question of time for noise to be created again.
Andi looked for new musicians in Berlin to reanimate DOWN IN CRUZ and found bassplayer Tim Gärtner (ex THE VOICE, ex HAVANNA HEAT CLUB) in late 2016.
Drummer Rob joined forces some weeks later and so the band was complete again.

Really complete? No, because all DOWN IN CRUZ songs are written for two guitars.
So with a last lucky shot, guitar player Ingo - some may know him as riffmonster of the famous Berlin rockband ALUMINIUM - joined the Band in early 2019.

2019 is also the 10th birthday of DOWN IN CRUZ. For this reason, the new album SO FAR, SO BAD will be released in August 2019 and a birthday celebration gig will be played in December.

More to come? Yes! Stay tuned!

Andi, Tim, Rob & Ingo in 2019