So Far, So Bad (2019)

Our latest release. Produced by Mr. Metal himself, Harris Johns. 
In the mid 80s and early 90s, Harris Johns recorded so many godlike metalalbums, that influenced Andis right hand (No!!!.... not what you may have in mind right now...) extremely. SODOM, KREATOR, SEPULTURA, HELLOWEEN and many more have been produced by Mr. Johns, so it was an unbelievable and great honor to work with him. 

Some years ago, Tim luckily had the chance to record two albums with his former Bands "The Voice" and "Havanna Heat Club" with Harris Johns. 

Hey Harris, thank you so much for your patience and endurance. You made a little dream come true!

Legends - A tribute to Lemmy (2018)

Our first single. Dedicated to Lemmy, Nothing more to say.

Fortune Favors Fools (2010, remastered in 2017)

The first EP. Recorded at Deutsche Pop in Hamburg by Benjamin Oechsle. We listened to many Social Distortion and The Generators songs in these days.
Our second guitarplayer left the band a couple of days before we went to the studio, so Andi had to play all the solo parts - and Lord knows, he fucking HATES playing solo parts.

Our friend Benjamin is currently working at Elevate Studios in Hamburg, Cheers, Benni!

Sampler & Co.

"Para Siempre" was released on the "Sledgehammer - Pure rock for musiclovers" sampler in 2018

In 2018, another song from us was put on another sampler. 

Down in Cruz Rock Roll Roadtrip

"Turn Back" was released on the "Rock & Roll Roadtrip Vol.1" sampler in 2017.

Our digital publisher put our song on this sampler in 2017.. We don't know why, but we won't complain.

"Losing Again" was released on the Ox-Compilation CD #97 in 2011. This song has always been one of our most wanted songs and had radio airplay.

Funny thing: "Losing Again" was originally listed on the Ox-Compilation CD #96. Due to some unexpected technical bullshit, the mastering went wrong and the playback speed of the song was way to slow on the CD. It sounded like it's own doom metal version. Joachim from the Ox magazine was so kind and put the song on the next CD #97 for free and also appologized in the following magazine. Thank you, Joachim!

"Take it easy" was released in 2010 on the original "Fortune Favors Fools"-EP. This song features the former bassplayer Kris on the microphone. Due to copyright reasons, the song was not re-released in 2017 on the remastered version of this EP. Nevertheless, "Take it easy" was part of our liveset in these days. Cheers to Kris and Tim (the first drummer).

There are some more songs on bandcamp, that were recorded by former bandmembers in 2013. These songs have nothing to do with us and the original Down in Cruz spirit and will not be played live for that reason. Yes... musicians are a complicated human species, we know that.